How to Download Your Referee Reports

Step-by-Step Guide

Once your referees have completed their work, it's time to download the reports from CGPublisher.

Step One:

When your reports are complete, you will receive an email confirmation from the publishing department containing a link that will direct you to a page to download your reports:

Please note: This link will lead you to CGPublisher, where you may have to log in before you are able to see the reports.

Step Two:

From the page you are directed to, download each of your reports by clicking on the links provided:


How does the referee process work?

All articles submitted to Common Ground Research Network journals go through a double-anonymous peer review (“refereeing”) process before they can be published. The outcome of the refereeing process is an important factor in our publication decisions. Once your article is submitted, it will be checked by our publishing department to ensure that it is ready to advance to peer review. If it is ready, it will then enter the refereeing process. We will send your article to two peers for evaluation. These individuals will be asked to return their reports within two weeks. However, referees sometimes request extensions or ask to be withdrawn. Once our publishing department has received two referee reports for your article, and has ensured that both meet our requirements, you will receive an email notification about the publication decision. This email will also instruct you on how to download your referee reports.

One or both of my referees have been withdrawn.

Referees request to be withdrawn from review assignments for a variety of reasons. Often they are simply too busy to complete the report in a timely fashion. The publishing team will assign a replacement reviewer shortly. When that reviewer has been assigned, you will receive an email notification.