How to Register for a Research Network Membership

Research Network Members benefit from a variety of classroom, networking, and publishing tools including electronic access to published books and articles.


When joining one of Common Ground's Research Networks you become part of an international network of scholars, researchers, and practitioners. Many of our members present at our annual conferences, publish in our journals, or write for our book imprints. Your membership makes our independent organization possible, while giving you access to a large body of knowledge and professional development opportunities.

Research Networks

Aging and Social Change
The Arts in Society
Books, Publishing, and Libraries
Climate Change: Impacts and Responses
Communication and Media Studies
Constructed Environment
Design Principles & Practices
Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations Food Studies
Global Studies
Health, Wellness, and Society
New Directions in the Humanities
The Image
The Learner
Inclusive Museum
Organization Studies
Religion and Spirituality in Society
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
Spaces and Flows
Sport and Society
On Sustainability
Technology, Knowledge & Society
e-Learning & Innovative Pedagogies
Tourism and Leisure Studies

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Membership Confirmation

Membership Confirmation is Step 6 in Common Ground's journal article publication process. If an article is been accepted or accepted if revised, it will enter the membership confirmation stage. For membership to be confirmed, one author of the accepted article must have a matching Research Network Membership.

Please note, each conference registration includes a Research Network Membership. If you plan to attend a conference, you can opt to complete your conference registration at this time and receive your complimentary membership. Alternatively, if you obtain a Research Network Membership now and decide to register for a conference* at a later date, then the membership cost can be deducted from your registration. (*In either case, the conference must match the journal's Research Network and year of the membership.)

How to Register for Membership

Step One:

To register for a Research Network Membership, first create your CG Scholar account. If you anticipate publishing your article or book submission with Common Ground, please use the same email address you provided us when you submitted your work for publication.

Step Two:

To register for a Research Network Membership, first navigate to the "About" section of the desired Research Network (links are provided on left side of this page). Then, select "Become a Member." Scroll down to and select "Join the Network." This will lead you into CG Scholar, where you will select the "Network Membership" button. After completing payment for your membership fee, you will be granted your one-year personal electronic subscription to the complete journal collection and book imprint and have access to the other Research Network membership benefits listed below.

What are the Research Network Membership Benefits?

  • A one-year personal electronic subscription to the complete journal collection of the Research Network.
  • A one-year personal electronic subscription to the book imprint of the Research Network.
  • The opportunity to publish one article submission per year in the Research Network's journal collection (pending acceptance by two-way anonymous peer review).
  • Receive a discount on a Common Ground conference registration for the same Research Network that year. If you're already registered for a conference, an annual membership is included with each conference registration for the corresponding Research Network.
  • Participate in as a reviewer for other article submissions to Common Ground and receive a Reviewer Certificate for each completed review.
  • A subscription to the monthly Research Network email newsletter, containing news and information for and from the Research Network.
  • The ability to add a video presentation to the Research Network's YouTube channel, whether or not it was presented in person at the conference or is published in the journal.
  • Access to our CG Scholar "social knowledge" platform. Avoid the clutter and commercialism of other social media, with optional feeds to Facebook and Twitter. Use CG Scholar in your classroom—for class interactions in its Community space, multimodal student writing in its Creator space, managing student Peer Review assessment, and share students’ work in its Publisher space.
  • Utilize your CG Scholar profile and publication portfolio to increase the web presence of your published works. Adding an ORCID iD to your CG Scholar profile will maximize your publication's visibility by linking it with a Crossref registered DOI permalink.


When should I register?

You may register for a Research Network Membership at any time. If you are registering for a membership as part of the publication process, you may wait to register until after the peer review process is complete.

What is a Research Network Membership?

As a member of the Research Network, you have access to a broad range of tools and resources to use in your own work: electronic access to the full journal and book collections; a full Scholar account, offering an innovative online space for collaborative learning in your classes or for broader collaborative interaction with colleagues (within a research project or across the globe); and you can contribute to the development and formalization of the ideas and works of others—as a journal or book reviewer, as a conference participant, and as a contributor to the newsletters and community dialogue.

Do I need a membership just to submit an article for consideration?

Authors submitting to our academic journals do not need a membership just to submit. Articles which meet the initial submission requirements can benefit from the critique of a two-way anonymous peer review without acquiring membership. However, if the article is accepted in peer review or accepted if revised, the author will need a membership to receive the publishing agreement.