My Article Isn't In the Conference Program?!


If you are unable to find your presentation in the program, please read through this article for potential solutions before contacting us.


In order to be scheduled in the conference program the following items must be complete:

  • You must have an accepted proposal for an in-person presentation. If your proposal is for an article submission, you will not be included in the conference program. Please note that all accepted in-person proposals are eligible to submit an article for potential publication to the journal. If you have accidentally submitted a proposal for article submission, and you would like to attend the conference, please contact us using the information provided at the bottom of this page.
  • You ALSO must have a fully paid in-person or virtual registration. If you have not yet completed payment, or if you have registered for a Research Network membership, your presentation will not be scheduled. If you have registered for a community membership in error, please contact us using the information provided at the bottom of the page. If you are unable to provide payment in full until you have arrived at the conference then your presentation will not be scheduled until that time.
    • If you have an outstanding balance on your registration for extra tours or dinners, this may contribute to pulling you from the schedule until your balance has been paid.
  • Your proposal and registration must be on the same account. To check please go to your "My Events," page.
    • Hover over "Logged in as..."
    • Click on "My Events".
    • Your proposal should be listed and marked paid. If you have paid and it is marked unpaid, please make sure you do not have another account in CGScholar.

If you have met all of the above requirements, and you are still unable to locate your presentation in the conference program, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.

*The Conference Program is usually made available approximately 2 months before the Conference. If the program is not yet available online, and you have a fully paid registration as well as an eligible presentation type, then you may make a scheduling request nominating which day you wish to present.