Vale CGPublisher

You have been diverted to this page because you have reached one of the hundreds of thousands of pages generated by CGPublisher (Common Ground Publisher.)

CGPublisher was a second incarnation of a social software experiment that is now in its third life. C-2-C (Creator-to-Consumer) System (2000-2004) was the first. CGPublisher was launched in 2004, and finally decommissioned after 15 years of hard work in 2018. The third and most recent iteration of this project is CGScholar (Common Ground Scholar), online since 2009.

Before Facebook, C-2-C System and CGPublisher offered creators (we don’t like calling them “users”) self-maintainable profile pages and news feeds. Before Amazon began to offer electronic products, Common Ground’s platform offered publishers a way to make the creative works of their knowledge communities available in both print and digital formats.

Today, Common Ground continues to innovate with CGScholar, our social knowledge platform pushing the frontiers of web access and artificial intelligence for creators, publishers, conference organizers, and e-learning providers.

Everything that was in CGPublisher has now been migrated into CGScholar. If you have been directed to this page because are looking for something from 2004 to 2018, please take one of the link below.