Responsible Post Pandemic Tourism: Built Environment & Design Excellence

The pandemic has become an opportunity to stop, reflect and rethink what tourism and the leisure spectrum will be all about in the future. The paradigm shifts call for diversifying visitor experiences, considering sustainable alternatives, and moving from "mass tourism" and "over-tourism" to a "distributed tourism" that benefits a network of local community groups in both the formal and informal sectors. In this future, what kind of built environment/s do we envisage? As "designing" is a ubiquitous process that offers the vehicle to improve lives and experiences, what variety of design options and challenges do we consider? These, and many other questions, will be raised in the heart of the two-thousand-year-old spice trade – Muziris, Kerala. And of particular focus, based on this local context, the role of creativity, festivals, and biennales, in facilitating the "design" of transformations will be interrogated. It will be a shared dialogue and discourse through critical research and case studies between the Global South and North addressing all the 17 SDGs, with only eight years of the UN 2030 Agenda left!