The Aging & Social Change Research Network is thankful for the contributions and support of the following organizations.

Linköping University

2019 Conference Partner

In close collaboration with the business world and society, Linköping University (LiU) conducts world-leading, boundary crossing research in fields including materials science, IT and hearing. In the same spirit, the university offers many innovative educational programmes, many of them with a clear vocational focus, leading to qualification as, for example, doctors, teachers, economists and engineers.

University of Vienna

2019 Conference Partner

Founded in 1365, the University of Vienna is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe, Alma Mater to about 94,000 students.

Toyo University

2018 Conference Partner

Toyo has a long tradition and history. In 2017, Toyo celebrated its 130th anniversary since its foundation. Toyo is one of the largest universities in Japan with over 30,000 students. Toyo offers both liberal arts and science courses.

Division Ageing and Social Change (ASC)

Network Partner

Division Ageing and Social Change (ASC, Linköping University, Sweden) is a Swedish research institution in the field of ageing and later life. It conducts leading-edge research on key social, political and cultural issues of ageing. While providing basic and advanced academic training within these fields, ASC also contributes to the proliferation of knowledge about ageing within society. ASC seeks to generate and improve knowledge about ageing as both a social and individual process within the context of a dynamic world, where demographic shifts are a crucial part of social change in contemporary and future societies. The main focus of ASC’s research on ageing is on the relationship between the life-course and social change. Their complex relationship is analyzed from a multi-level perspective, from society as a whole to the individual, and the interaction between them over time. From these ambitious perspectives, ASC’s research topics include social inequality and inclusion/exclusion, ageing with health and disability, as well as ageing in social and physical contexts.

Past Partners

Over the years Aging & Social Change Research Network has had the pleasure of working with the following organizations:

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